Itinerary Building

Need a hand?

So you’re not interested in group tours and perhaps you are a hands-on traveler. You know what you want for your vacation, but you are pressed for time or just need help with the details. 

Allow me to finish building your itinerary! I have connections throughout the travel industry and can help you have a more authentic travel experience

We will provide you with personalized advice and reservation links on:

  • Hotels 
  • Restaurants  
  • Adventure activities
  • Beaches
  • Local guides
  • Cooking Schools 
  • Wineries
  • Hiking and Biking Trails
  • ​Museums / art galleries 
  • Transportation Services
  • Seasional exhibits, festivals, country holidays

After an initial Whatsapp or Skype consultation, I will begin planning your dream trip. Cassidy’s Adventures will prepare your itinerary, offer you with links to make your own reservations and provide you with a day to day schedule. I will also send you advice to make your trip run smoothly. 


​Contact me today!