Finding Eco-Friendly Accommodation

I travel a lot.

When I travel, I usually like to book my hotel, Airbnb, or bed and breakfast on the following criteria:

  • Is it expensive?
  • How close is it to public transport?
  • Is the area considered safe?

Now, there are some pitfalls to my criteria. First off, it’s difficult to know if the accommodation respects local recycling policies. It’s even more difficult to know if the accommodation helps to promote the local economy, and whether they make efforts to reduce the building’s carbon footprint.

Book it Green | Finding #Eco-Friendly #accommodation options for environmentally conscious #travelers.

Thankfully, I am beginning a partnership with BookItGreen, which takes the complications out of finding environmentally friendly accommodations online.

What is an Eco-hotel?

An Eco-hotel is a hotel or other type of accommodation which actively makes environmental improvements to decrease the impact on the environment.

Now, I know what you’re thinking….

Eco-friendly? It must be outrageously expensive! Or all sorts of hippy!

But sustainable travel does not have to be expensive. There are plenty of options on the website which are cheaper than regular accommodation. Sustainability also doesn’t need the sacrifice of luxury. Plenty of hotels worldwide are committed to both eco-friendly practices and upholding luxury standards for guests.

Book it Green | Finding #Eco-Friendly #accommodation options for environmentally conscious #travelers.

What is BookItGreen?

BookItGreen is a search engine which conglomerates eco-friendly accommodation across Europe (don’t worry, they are expanding daily and plan to go global soon!).  BookitGreen provides a range of options for environmentally conscious travelers – 11 euro per night organic farms in the Scottish countryside, resorts in northern Italy, fancy ski lodges in Austria, and hotels in the middle of big cities like Berlin.

The Green Scale

BookitGreen rates hotels on a “green scale” of 1 – 5. It provides transparency on sustainability measures using the following criteria:

  • Energy-saving lighting
  • Sustainable building practices
  • Regionally sourced food products
  • Organic food products (and vegan or vegetarian options)
  • Use of ecological cleaning products
  • Towel exchange only upon request
  • Water-saving toilets
  • Water-saving taps
  • Class A household appliances
  • Water collection and treatment
  • Accessible by public transport (and bike rentals)
  • Active waste reduction strategy (and recycling initiatives)
  • Renewable energy generation

Book it Green | Finding #Eco-Friendly #accommodation options for environmentally conscious #travelers.

In the future, I will be planning more trips around these accommodation options, proving that environmentally conscious travel can be beautifully glamorous, sustainable, and fun!

How to use BookItGreen:

Once you have found your ideal location on the map, you will see multiple accommodation options in the selected location.  When you have selected your accommodation, you can enter my partner code (cassidybig), which will give you a 20 euro discount on your first purchase.

19 Comments on “Finding Eco-Friendly Accommodation”

    1. Thank you for this too! I totally agree. I think even the most eco conscious people forget these habits when they go on vacation. I know it is certainly something I can work on as well. Hope BookItGreen comes in handy for you <3

  1. Great article! A lot of the time i have to leave my eco mind set at home when i got traveling or else i drive myself crazy. Happy to find something to help with that!

  2. I’d never really considered eco-friendly when booking a place to stay. Usually, I’m worried about whether they have working smoke detectors and door locks. It’s an interesting thing to consider…

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