I’m Cassidy, a travel blogger who currently calls Rome home. I originally made this blog as a way to document my adventures when I first moved from Florida to Italy, but I quickly discovered that I wanted to make my blog something more.

In addition to sharing my travel stories, I wanted to make my blog a one stop source for inspiration – from experience backed travel tips, living in Rome, my style, and sustainable living: local recipes from my travels, eco-friendly travel, and a green lifestyle.

My Story

I’m a twenty year old who recently earned my Bachelor’s Degree in communications and entrepreneurship while studying in Rome. This experience could not have been a more perfect way to prepare myself for this blog!

I always had a dream to travel the world. I would always think about living in London or Paris, but in 2013, when I visited Rome for the first time, I fell in love. In 2015 I packed up my life in Florida to “follow my dreams.” 

Cassidy Slockett of Cassidy's Adventures, a Rome based blog, travel to Taormina, Sicily, Italy

I spent two years in Rome, studying, traveling, learning Italian, and building a free blog for fun. Early adulthood, combined with learning the ins and outs of another culture made for a unique learning experience. 

I also had the joy of meeting my boyfriend during this time. He is truly my best friend, my cheerleader, and my rock.

When graduation rolled around, I knew I wasn’t ready to return to the US. Since then, I’ve made every effort possible to stay in Italy, legally. Yes, I am here legally.

My life in Rome hasn’t been easy. It’s been full of stressful events, lonely days, and irritating situations, but I have also built this life through lots of hard work. I wouldn’t rather live any other way. 

Welcome to “Cassidy’s Adventures.” Now, let me inspire you to go out and see this beautiful world!