About a month ago, New York City based HairStory Studio reached out to me and asked if I could try out their special shampoo product for 30 days. I, accepted, of course. What I didn’t realize, though, was the exact type of journey this would be for me and my hair – both in terms of health and education.

Unlike most bloggers, who have long luxurious locks, I have very thin hair. As a result, I try to seek out more gentle and natural hair products. Even with this added care, I still have found myself in desperate need of some TLC.

Perhaps some of you can relate: I struggle with growing my hair past a certain length – it always breaks off or splits by the time it reaches my shoulders. When I wash my hair, it will tangle like a ball of knots.

My hair care routine is generally pretty simple. Shampoo, conditioner, and occasionally some coconut oil on the ends. When HairStory send me their “new wash” product and I began using it immediately.

During the first shower, I couldn’t help but think, What in the world is this stuff? There is no way this will clean my hair!

The New Wash smells like fresh peppermint candy, which is right up my alley, but the lack of foam and suds made it seem more like a moisturizer than soap.

Sure enough, as I began researching the no-suds product, my skepticism subsided. HairStory believes that certain ingredients in regular shampoo dehydrate hair and strip it of essential oils. “New Wash” is made with ingredients like Aloe and Lavender Oil to keep hair hydrated, only washing out excess oils.


HairStory “New Wash” is…

  • All natural
  • Contains essential oils and natural cleansers
  • Smells great
  • Certified organic
  • Paraben-free
  • Pthalate and sulfate free (sulfates are great for washing dishes but harsh on hair)
  • Detergent free

The lack of lathering certainly felt unusual for the first couple days, but I noticed an immediate difference in my hair (and my scalp!). You can expect your hair to feel silky soft, smooth and healthy.

Oh, and the best part is that my already simple hair care routine just became so much more simple. New Wash replaces both shampoo and conditioner. I practically can just leave my hair alone. It doesn’t tangle after I shower anymore, so there is no need to comb out ratty knots. I’d love to see how different my hair looks after a few months with HairStory. Perhaps, one day I will have those long luxurious blogger waves!

Ready to try it? Fill out the information on this page and they will contact you shortly about a bottle!


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  1. That’s pretty interesting! I think it’s relatable because I remember using this one shampoo and it felt like it wasn’t cleaning my hair or anything; but it was actually made with really good oils. I have a dry scalp so I only use the shampoo that are super duper moisturizing.

  2. Seems cool.. Hope most beauty products get honest about their ingredients. It was surprising to know that normal shampoos dehydrate hair and strip it of essential oils.

  3. It sounds like we have the same exact type of hair. I constantly change shampoos because nothing seems right for my hair type – despite the claims on the bottle. This was good info to know!

  4. It sounds like we have the same exact hair! I am constantly changing shampoos because nothing seems right for my hair type – despite the claims on the bottle. This was great info to know!

  5. It’s so good to have the point of view of someone with thin hair because my hair is SO thick! I always have to find the best shampoos to wash my hair or else they are so dry! I really would wanna try this one though! xx

  6. This is a really interesting post. I’ve been reading a lot about this subject recently but the product you described sounds lovely. I’ve clicked through and I’m hoping that I can try it myself. Thanks for sharing x

  7. I found it so hard to find a great gentle, natural hair shampoo lately. I also have to educate myself regarding hair routine! Thanks for all infos!

  8. This is quite interesting – When I used to have long hair (Went through a grunge faze in my teens ) I used to find my hair thinning and shampoos would leave me with very itchy scalp – I don’t have that problem anymore (shaved head)

  9. *Edit – This is an interesting read , I used to have the same problem when I had long hair (Went through a grunge faze in my teens) Shampoos would really damage my hair but thankfully I don’t have that problem anymore since I shaved my head

  10. What a lovely post! We have the same hair and my hair gets dehydrated to some kind of shampoos too. Thanks for sharing!

    Pammy – joyfulsource.com

  11. Sounds interesting. I’ve tried the no shampoo challenge before and barely lasted 10 days. I know it’s not great for hair but a nice smelling shampoo makes me feel clean and good

  12. I’ve heard a lot about the no shampoo movement. I’ve always been afraid to try it because I can’t stand it when my hair looks greasy. I also have very fine hair though, so maybe I should look into it more.
    Elizabeth | Confidentlyelegant.com

  13. Interesting product to try. It would take a lot of getting used to though, because once you say shampoo, it means lots of lather. I will be checking out their website later. Thanks for your honest opinion of the product. Your hair does look great!

  14. Wow, your hair looks great! I don’t really have any problems with my hair (it grows really fast and I can get away with washing it just once a week if I really want to) but I love the sound of a natural product that is soap free!

  15. My husband started using only green soap (olive oil soap) but I am still sceptical. I will use the link to see for myself this product.

  16. Interesting new product. I usually go a few days in between washes, which works pretty well for my taste. Do you know if their product is useful with maintaining color? I always get mine red, which fades really quickly.

  17. This is super interesting!! I wonder how it would work with my hair, I have long, thick and bleached hair. I’ll have to try it! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  18. You are very beautiful and your hair looks great even if you can’t grow it much past your shoulders.. That’s cool that you found a product that you really like that works for you.

  19. I am definitely going to try this out! I have the same issue with the shampoo just making my hair all tangled and stringy. I have fairly longish hair but it’s thin and as soon as I get out of the shower, I have to douse it with leave in conditioner!

  20. I find it really interesting about not using shampoo! I recently had my dark brown hair bleached blonde and I’m having a hard time with how dry it is, I’ve read a lot of posts about not using shampoo on it and just using a good natural oil mask and conditioner, i’ll have to try this!

  21. I have never head of HairStory but it sounds like a really interesting company. I use a shampoo that doesn’t foam as I like the more natural and gentle products too. I’ll have a look at HairStory and see if I can get it in Ireland.

  22. Interesting type of shampoo. I feel like the no suds part will also make me wonder if it’s cleaning my hair. I love reading insights like this because it helps me decide!

  23. This sure does sound like an interesting product. I think it’s great they have gone down the natural route to create this. I sounds like it has worked wonders on your hair.

  24. Oh Hairstory sounds a great product! It must be so weird not lathering though. I’m looking forward to hearing if you get those long blogger waves soon with it.

  25. Ooh I know lots of people who have given up shampoo, it’s not something I could do though. My hair feels breast after a couple of days, I wouldn’t be able to get through to the point it self cleaned.

  26. I have really thin hair, too, and every time I wash it, I’m pulling my hair out trying to untangle it. I’ll have to try this shampoo-thanks !

  27. Thank you for sharing, I will have to give this a try. I have been using a shampoo and conditioner from Alba botanica an it is vegan and does not lather much either. So, I am already used to that aspect, but I have been using it for a while and would love to try something different. Thanks for the review!

  28. Great article, and gorgeous photos! As a holistic health and fitness coach I opted out of mainstream shampoos a number of years ago. I’ve never found a natural one that lathers up and it’s probably because it’s all the ‘nasty’ chemicals that usually cause it to lather! Although I don’t think my hair feels as soft and silky immediately after a wash as it would with a chemical based one, my hair looks healthy and I’m just happy I’m not absorbing any synthetic chemicals into my scalp! ‘new wash’ sounds like a great product:)

  29. I’d love to hear more about this new product on your hair in about a month’s time. It sounds like you found something good for your hair.

  30. I’ve never heard of this company before or their shampoo – not sure it’s available in the UK? But it sounds like it would be perfect for my hair, as like yours, mine tangles in bits after shampooing! X

  31. I was pretty much skeptic when I was used my first foam-free shampoo. The result calmed me down. I have thick and coarse hair, so most products do not sit well with me. BTW, cool blog

  32. Hey I was pretty much skeptic when I was used my first foam-free shampoo. The result calmed me down. I have thick and coarse hair, so most products do not sit well with me. BTW, cool blog.

  33. I might have to try this… and that’s saying something, since I’m suuuuuuuuuper picky about what goes on my hair! (fashion colors are delicate, we don’t just hop in the shower and suds up with something from the drug store)

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