Sunflowers always seem like the happiest of flowers, to me – the way they stand tall and proud, facing the sun and radiating bright yellow. In Knoxville, Tennessee, just outside of Ijams Nature Center, lies this 25 acre field abundant with sunflowers, owned by the Forks of the River Wildlife Management Area.

Though I have been to Knoxville, Tennessee many times, I have never been to see the sunflowers! Β In fact, they have been there for about fifteen years, but they’re still relatively unheard of.

Mid July is the perfect time to visit, as sunflowers are in full bloom. It is a double win for the city of Knoxville – because it’s beautiful and people enjoy it, but also because it is a great enhancement to the ecosystem. The sunflowers attract plenty of doves, cardinals, turkey, butterflies, and deer.

My mom and my boyfriend joined me on this excursion. It was a typical hot and sunny day in the south, with temperatures rising into the 90’s (Fahrenheit). After about an hour, we were so hot and sweaty that we ran back to the car for air conditioning. Thank goodness for sunscreen and water!

I wore this flirty red Poplin dress from Urban Outfitters (similar dresses here and here). The material was light and comfy, with the perfect amount of tightness to hug my curves while staying loose enough to allow me to frolic in the fields. The red really made my outfit pop against the flowers in the background. It would have been the perfect outfit for the Fourth of July!

To find the sunflower field, enter Ijams Nature Center into your GPS. There is no exact address, so head south on Island Home Road. Turn left onto McClure Road. At the end of this road, there’s a yellow gate on the right. If you then look to your left and you’ll see the towering tall yellow flowers.

I should warn you of the huge sign that says “You Are Entering a Hunting Area.” Don’t worry! Hunting season is September – February and April – May, so never while sunflowers are in bloom.

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  1. its the season and the flowers are so naturaly cool they give you this warmth you feel not so often, amazing pictures you shared too.

  2. Awesome Photography and writes up. Will use some photo in a a post I am writing, because that really the perfect image of my coming post. Thanks πŸ™‚

  3. wow so beautiful! You took some cute photos there and i love your dress! Wish we had a place like this, my kids would love it!

  4. Have always had a fascination for sunflowers. The stunning pictures capture the beauty of the flowers in all their vibrant colours. Loved reading your post and mesmerized by the sunflowers.

  5. Such beautiful and happy photos! Sounds like you had a wonderful day and made the most of summer & sunflowers. Good thing there’s no hunting at this time!

  6. Wow this is a beautiful fields! Last weekend I watched this movie, Under the Tuscan Sun and there features the sunflower fields in Tuscany.

  7. This made me realize that I’ve never seen a sunflower in person. πŸ™ Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful pictures. I’ll be sure to stop if I’m ever in Tennessee

  8. Love your write up and even gorgeous photography! I’ve always wanted to visit sunflower fields. They have so much life in them. Beautiful <3

  9. Damn! Your outfit is a killer 😍… And this sure sounds like fun, I don’t think we have sunflower that much here in Lagos but I’d love to visit a beautiful field as this and take really nice picture and have fun… Thanks for the post!

  10. Wow! Those sunflowers are so beautiful. There’s a sunflower maze somewhere in my country and I haven’t seen a sunflower plant yet. Only the cut flowers.

  11. Amazing! Love the sunflower fields…It made me remembered when i was too young , I had visited many times in the fields of my uncle…Nice memories.

  12. Sunflowers always remind me good time when I was little. I used to live in country side in Poland and I remember how many sunflowers I used to eat all the time! My grandma had some in her garden but they weren’t looking as great as on your photos! Love your dress!

  13. So pretty. I agree sunflowers seem like such happy flowers. I’ve always wanted to take pictures in a field of them. Your pictures are stunning and sounds like a fun day.

  14. Sunflowers are the happiest flowers! About an hour from where I live in Florida there is a sunflower maze! We try to go at least once a year to visit. In the fall it turns into a corn maze. I just love days like this when you can be outside and appreciate the flowers. As long as you’re not too far from AC lol.

  15. Ahhh, such a cute photoshoot!! I love sunflowers too – you couldn’t have picked a more perfect “backdrop”, Cassidy. I hope to visit Knoxville one day! So many amazing places to explore in the US πŸ™‚ (I’m based in the UK)
    xox Nadia

  16. Your red dress really pops against all the yellow! That looks like a beautiful place to spend an hour! I never heard of a sunflower field.
    Elizabeth |

  17. That dress look great on you especially with the yellow background! I live in Switzerland and we are surrounded by the sunflowers field by thus time of the years. Its gorgeous!

  18. Oh so beauitful, I love sunflowers! I once planted one all side of my property with them…then the nieghbouring horse ate them all πŸ™

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