As part of my weekend birthday celebration, my boyfriend and I visited the Dallas Farmers Market to explore all the city has to offer. We love to buy seasonal, locally grown produce and to support local farms. A visit to this daily market was an ideal way to support local farms and snatch up the specialty food items not found in grocery stores.

The Dallas Farmers Market is separated into two parts…

The first part is the indoor marketplace and the second is an outdoor farmers market. After Joel and I parked the car, we walked around the outdoors part first. We tried samples of chips and salsa, Brockhouse Jerky, T-Rex Pickles, and coffee. I ended up buying a cup of cold brewed coffee from Companion Roasters for $4. Take my warning seriously: cold brewed coffee is loaded with caffeine. You’ll be jittery for days after a glass of this icy drink. It was rather tasty, still, though.

The outdoor farmers market, called The Shed, is only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I recommend that you visit on the weekend to visit both on the same day. For more information, check out their website here.

After finishing off my coffee, Joel and I headed to the indoor section, known as The Market Food Hall. We passed through stall after stall of Mexican, Vietnamese, Italian, and Cajun restaurants. There was even a seafood stall, a Macaron shop, and plenty of vintage Tex-Mex shops. It all seemed so tempting!

Instead, we decided to continue exploring and only get food at the end of our outing. I spotted Ruibal’s flower nursery, which is next door to the market.
Joel tends to roll his eyes every time I see flowers because I smile like a little kid! I just can’t help it – flowers are so colorful and cheery. Thank goodness he still puts up with me. Besides, Texas has some of the best flowers I’ve ever seen. I suggest just walking around the nursery just to see all this state has to offer.

What I wore:

With the summer sun, I wanted to wear something that was cute, comfy, and made with breathable fabric. I chose a  dress from NA-KD (sold out, similar here and here). It was the perfect dress for looking nice, yet not overheating.

We decided to go back to The Shed and buy some fresh produce like eggplant and tomatoes, so we could go home and have a home-cooked meal. I bought ripe cantaloupe, while Joel picked up two jars of Plain Ole Salsa, which  features roasted tomatoes as a special ingredient in their “Dirty South” recipe.
The Dallas Farmers Market is located on 920 S Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75201. It is open daily from 11 am until 7 pm, and until 8 pm on Fridays. If you happen to be in Dallas in September or October, make sure to attend the BrewFest and Tacolandia events.

40 thoughts on “Sunday Morning at the Dallas Farmers Market”

  1. Ahh what a fun day! I love your dress, especially the cut out on top! I’ve been living in my sundresses lately because I just moved to North Dakota & it’s winter here like 8 months out of the year. So crazy! Anyway, the Dallas farmers market looks awesome & def great choices on the iced coffee & roasted tomato salsa. can’t go wrong w/chips & salsa <3

  2. Those olive oils look so good! I’m a sucker for good olive oils especially to dip bread in! yum! This will definitely be on a list of things to do when we visit Dallas

  3. You really brought this post to life! Loving the pics and poses too. I hope you had an amazing birthday weekend and all the very best for the year ahead.

  4. Oh how I miss my home! I have been in Kansas City for a year (born here but TX is home!) I loved going to the Dallas Farmers market and Klyde Warren Park on Sundays! It was the perfect thing to do with my family!

  5. What beautiful pictures! It all looks delicious, and I love that it’s combined with flowers and Tex-Mex too. Definitely on my list if we head back to Dallas again.

  6. Am sure you’ve heard this like a thousand and one times so pardon me for saying it but you and your boyfriend make such a lovely couple 🙂
    The pictures are absolutely amazing and the market looks awesome especially because it seems like there is a variety of things.

  7. Oh my goodness! I’m still fairly new to north Dallas and didn’t know about this! We will definitely have to make it down there for Brewfest! I may even make a blogger event of it! I love your outfit by the way – such a cute, yet practical bc it is so darn hot outfit!


  8. I loved looking through all of the pictures you included, your dress is really pretty as well!

  9. I LOOOOVE farmer’s markets! They are the best and always makes me feel so much better after I gather and buy organic and healthy fresh veggies right from the source. I also was born in Dallas, but was too young to remember it. I’d like to visit Dallas and Texas in general. I think I’d love moving back to Texas in the future.

  10. I love farmer’s markets with all the fresh fruit and healthy olive oils. There are so many to choose from. It’s a lovely relaxing day out that can be enjoyed with family and friends.

  11. Wow… the pics are stunning and make me want to go to a farmer’s market too…. Lovely dress by the way must have been a belleof the farmers ball hahaha… oh and the rusty truck full of flowers, is that a prop or it actually works that word be super cool

  12. I do love farmer markets. Visiting a market like this is one of the best ways to experience a local culture and food. Thank you for sharing. Will definitely check out the market once I am in Dallas.

  13. Wow, that is one impressive farmer’s market. Ours looks like a toy in comparison. How wonderful that they sell so many plants in addition to produce. Thanks for the warning on the cold brewed coffee – I never knew it had more caffeine than regular brewed coffee. I can’t sleep as it is!

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