The beautiful beach of Santa Marinella is located about 60 kilometers north-west of Rome, making it a perfect place for a day trip! While there are plenty of beaches closer to the city, this one is far more clean and far less crowded. I highly recommend it.

How to Get There

From Rome, I prefer leaving either from Trastevere Stazione or Roma Termini, though the same train also stops at San Pietro and Ostiense, so you can hop on here too if these stations are more convenient for you.

The train’s final destination will read either “Pisa,” “Civitavecchia,” or “Grosseto,” with (“S. Marinella“) and the other stops in parentheses after the destination. Therefore, when looking for the train’s platform, it is more important to search for the actual train number and departure time instead of the destination.

Trains typically leave twice per hour, though, if I were you, I would double check the TrenItalia website beforehand, just to make sure. Italian public transportation is never very reliable.

My best friend, Enrica, and I headed to the beach this past Saturday (in autumn, I know!) along with our furry friend, Dino, whom I was pet-sitting. We were more than relieved to find that train tickets were only 4 euros!

Upon Arrival

Santa Marinella’s main beach is so close to the train station that all you’ll have to do is walk straight down the road in front of the train station, turn right at the first (and only) intersection and walk about 100 meters on the sidewalk. Next, cross the street, walk down a few stairs and voila! You will find the small bay, clear water, and la spiagga (AKA the beach)!


On our way to the beach, naturally, we stopped to explore these 100 meters. The nearby fragrance of pizza and coffee caught our attention and brought us inside a small and casual restaurant called “Pizzeria Tavola Calda La Stella.” We picked up some lunch – wine, water, fruit, eggplant Parmesan, and aranciniThe total was around 10 euros for two people. It was plenty food to keep up full for the entire day away from Rome.

Address: Via Aurelia, 353, 00058.

Another option for food in Santa Marinella is “L’Acqua Marina.” This place is definitely an upscale dining facility, so bring some classy clothes. The restaurant overlooks the bay and grills fresh fish daily.

Address: Via Trieste, 8, 00058.


Picking a Spot on the Beach

Like most beaches in Italy, there are two options: umbrellas for a price, and sand for free. The stabilimento (sun bed) and ombrello (umbrella) can be rented for the afternoon for a range of 10 – 20 euros, depending on their location. Or, if you prefer to spend money elsewhere, you can go ahead and park your booty down on your own towel in the sand.

In all honesty, because we went during the last week of September, there was no problem with crowds or lack of space for those with towels. That being said, if you wish to go during the second week of August, you better be prepared to push and shove for a spot!


Returning to Rome

It’s always a little weird to transition back to the city after being at the beach. I’m always covered in sweat and sand and still wearing my swimsuit. If you can manage it, change back into regular clothes in the bathroom during the 45 minute train ride back. At least you will avoid getting weird stares on your walk home from the train station.

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  1. Wine on the beach, always a good idea. I lived in Rome for four months, but never made it here. Maybe next time I visit, I can plan a day trip.

  2. Omg! Your dog is the cutest little thing ever. And I’ll have to keep this beach in mind for my next trip to Rome. I never really picture it as a “beach” destination, but it’s really so close! Thanks for the inspiration darling! 🙂

  3. OMG THAT PUPPY IS THE CUTEST!!! I mean, the beach is beautiful and everything, but I’m absolutely fawning over him 😉 And that arancini is making my mouth water!! Looks like an absolutely fabulous location for a wonderful day in the sun 🙂

  4. This is great! It looks like a nice day trip. I’m planning on moving to Italy next summer so I will definitely save this for later.

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