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Custom Tours in Rome (with a Local)

Exciting news! With the help of this new app, I have successfully launched three new tours in Rome. The three tours feature my interests and expertise – food, Rome, and photography. Each can be customized, as the app makes it super easy to communicate with me. Look below to see which tour suits your interests!

Home Cooked Meal in Trastevere

This tour allows the traveler to simply book a date and time for dinner. I am then notified of this and will talk to you to determine your food preferences and dietary restrictions. I will just need a 24 hour notice! We will prepare seasonal specialties as well as traditional Italian favorites for the perfect 3 course meal.

A sample menu may include the following:

Starters: Olives, tomato bruschetta, cheese and crackers, cold cuts

Drinks: wine, water

Main Meal: Baked ziti, pasta with bolognese sauce, baked eggplant Parmesan, vegetable farro, chicken and tomato pesto pasta

Sides: Garden salad, grilled vegetables

Dessert: Baked apples, hand pies, gelato, espresso, “macedonia”

It is the perfect way to experience all the wonderful food of Italy in the comfort of a real Italian home. Plus, our prices are unbeatable! This three course meal is only $40 per person.


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A Foodie’s Guide to Trastevere

Prefer to walk as you eat? The Foodie’s Guide to Trastevere allows you to sample a few of my favorite foods from a variety of different restaurants and cafes throughout one of Rome’s most lively food scenes.

To begin this tour, we will meet up at my favorite cafe for coffee, cappuccinos, and other small sweets. During this time, I will get the pleasure of learning a little bit more about you and your food preferences. Based on this conversation, I will tailor the rest of the day to fit your specific wants and needs.

Next, we will go for a short walk to a locals only open air market. Here, you can see the fresh fruit and vegetables, and even fish. With these low prices, you can even stock up on groceries during your visit!

After this, we will continue to tour Trastevere, as I share my favorite restaurants and cafes, munching on cannoli and tiramisu as we wander about the narrow streets and intricately designed churches.

Lastly, we will round off the evening by sitting down at a lovely wine bar which serves hundreds of different wines and an endless buffet of appetizers with everything from lasagna, cheese, and olives to quinoa, curried chicken, and fruit.

Hungry yet?

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Photography Walking Tour

My photography walking tour is the perfect way to get acquainted with the more offbeat vibe in Trastevere. We will begin the tour by meeting where ever is best for you – usually the city center – and make our way across the river into the hipster neighborhood of Trastevere.

I will show you the hidden gems and secret charm from a photographer’s eye. We will stop at each of my favorite locations for taking photographs and I will even set up a few photo-shoots, if you want to be a model for the day. There are an endless number of flowers, cobblestone, and graffiti walls to pose by!

On my most recent tour, I took photos of a couple for their 3 year wedding anniversary. It was the perfect way to document their trip to Rome and the pictures gave them a wonderful way to keep those memories.

If you are not interested in being a model for the day (I understand, some of us are camera shy!), I can also help teach you a few tips and tricks with your own camera!

At the end of the tour, I will send the photos to you via email and perhaps even grab a coffee with you!

Simply click here, enter the date of your tour, and I will be in contact with you as soon as possible!