I’m Cassidy, a travel blogger who currently calls Rome home. I originally made this blog as a way to document my  adventures, abroad but I soon learned that I wanted to share my stories and experience backed tips in order to inspire my readers to travel the world as well.

My Story

I’m a twenty year old who recently graduated from university with my Bachelor’s Degree in communications and entrepreneurship. My studies and my experiences abroad couldn’t have been a more perfect way for me to prepare myself for this blog!

I always had a dream of traveling the world and I knew that the best time to travel was when I was young. So, last August, I packed up my life in Florida and decided to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Rome, Italy.

Cassidy Slockett of Cassidy's Adventures, a Rome based blog, travel to Taormina, Sicily, Italy

 About Cassidy’s Adventures

I spent two years in Rome, studying, traveling, learning Italian, and building a free blog for fun. As soon as I graduated from university, I took the plunge into full time blogging. I wanted to create a space where I could showcase my adventures, while featuring my clothes and lifestyle, in hopes to help others and inspire them to travel this world. My journey hasn’t been easy, but it has definitely had many rewards.

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